Super Ball IX FAQ

General Festival Questions

1. General Festival Questions

Can I bring my bike or other modes of personal transportation?
No. For safety reasons, bikes and other ways of getting around that move you faster than walking speed will not be allowed at the festival. You will be able to ride your bike, ride it just how you like, up to the front entrance and lock it securely there for the weekend.

The Runaway Jim 5k Road Race at the It festival in 2003 was awesome, will we see a return of the race at Super Ball IX?
Possibly, “it’s under serious consideration right now.

Watkins Glen? Where the hell is that? Is it close to Indio or Limestone?
You can find directions to Super Ball IX in Watkins Glen, NY here.

I’m old, can’t I just get a hotel room nearby and have a shuttle take me to and from the festival?
Sure, ya old geezer…I mean, Yes. Travel packages are available. Find more information and purchase your package here.

I can’t find anybody to watch my dog while I’m at Super Ball IX. I’m going to bring him with me, ok?
No, it’s not ok. No pets are allowed at Super Ball IX. Keep your pets at home.

Where can I park my car?
There will be areas for camping next to your car. There will be areas where only tents are allowed with no cars. There will be a “Day Parking” lot where you can park for the day only.

Fire. I like fire.
Is that a question? Anyhoo, campfires, fire pits, fire cages or any open flames are not allowed anywhere at Super Ball IX.

I’m not a big fan of AA. I’m bringing booze, and lots of it. Ok?
No, only 1 case of beer per person is allowed. No glass bottles, no kegs, and no liquor will be allowed.

What if I run out of food, water, ice, or other items?
There will be a General Store located on the festival grounds selling just about everything you’ll need for the weekend, including condoms. There will also be food and craft vendors.

Are chairs allowed inside the concert area?
Regular sized lawn chairs or any big, bulky type of chair is not allowed. Small folding chairs will be allowed. If you can roll a basketball under your chair, forget about it. You can’t bring it into the concert.

Can I charge my phone or electronic device anywhere at Super Ball IX?
Yes, charging stations will be available.

What’s the deal with the Day Parking lot?
Park in the Day Parking lot if you are staying off site each night. After each performance, the Day Parking lot will be cleared. Any remaining cars may be towed. This is not the place to park if you are camping and staying on the festival grounds.

I’d like to vend my wares or food. Where can I get more information about this?
Email and for more details on vending crafts and food.

Will there be ATMs available at the festival?

Can we bring fireworks to celebrate our country’s independence?

How is the cell phone reception at Watkins Glen International?
Cell phones work, but VErizon has better reception than AT&T.

Can I volunteer to work at the festival in exchange for a ticket?
Yes. More information on volunteering can be found here.

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2. Camping

Will I be able to park my car near my tent?
Yes. In the GA and Glen Close Camping areas you will be able to park next to your tent. There will also be a “tent only” GA camping area, where no cars will be allowed.

I’m coming with a group of people in different cars, can I save a spot for them at my camping site?
No. You will need to arrive at the festival entrance with all of your friends in their cars behind yours. You will be able to park next to each other on the camping grounds if you all arrive together at the same time.

I bought a Glen Close Camping ticket, can I still get into the General Admission Camping area?

I’m bringing my family, including children, will there be a quiet place to camp?
Yes. A quiet family camping area will be available in General Admission Camping.

Do I need to bring kids in order to tent in the family camping area?
No. The family camping area is reserved for anybody wishing to remain quiet at night around their neighbors and respect others’ privacy and need for no noise at night.

Where can I find more information on the different camping options available?
You can find more information and details about General Admission Camping, Glen Close Camping, and Accessible Camping here.

Can I bring my grill?
Only small propane tank grills will be allowed. No charcoal grills or large propane grills will be allowed.

Got food. Need Ice. What’s up with that?
Ice will be available throughout the festival for a reasonable price.

I’ll be very dirty and smelly that weekend, will there be showers?
Free showers will be available in General Admission camping and Glen Close camping area, including handicap accessible facilities.

When can I arrive to setup my campsite?
The camping grounds open at noon on Thursday, June 30th and close at 12 noon on Monday, July 4th.

Will there be exorbitantly priced tent rentals at Super Ball IX?
Yes! You can rent a spacious 10×13 tent for $500 plus $200 refundable deposit. Tent rentals include two cots, pillows, sheets and blankets. Click here for more information.

Are instruments allowed in the camping area?
You may only bring acoustic instruments to Super Ball IX, no amplifiers will be allowed. And no instrumenhts of any kind are allowd in the concert area.

Am I allowed to sleep in my car?
Yes, but only in the "car camping" sections.

My friends are staying in my RV but they won’t arrive when I do. Where can they park?
There will be a "companion parking" area where your friends can park and walk to your RV.

How big of an area will our campsite be?
15 feet x 30 feet.

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3. Tickets

Where can I find more information about available tickets for the different camping areas, RV passes and tent rentals?
You can find more information about Super Ball IX tickets, passes and rentals here.

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4. Shuttles

I’m not buying a travel package, will my hotel still provide a shuttle to the festival?
You’ll need to check with the hotel you’re staying at for more information on shuttle availability.

Are there any other shuttle options?
Festival organizers are working on providing shuttles to and from Super Ball IX into town and local grocery stores. More details will be posted as they become available.

Looking for answers to other questions? We’ll provide them as more details become available. You can also post your question on our message board.

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