Super Ball IX Festival News

April 9th, 2011   |  12:10 pm EST

Biking to Super Ball IXIt’s already been confirmed by festival organizers that no bikes will be allowed on the grounds of Super Ball IX at Watkins Glen International for safety reasons…as we all know bikes can be very, very, very dangerous. But there will be a location by the front entrance to lock your bike up if you choose to ride it to the festival. The official Super Ball IX page on Facebook made mention of this recently, “We’re working on a location to secure the bikes for the day.” reader Charles McDonald is trying to organize a safe bike commute from the town of Watkins Glen to the Super Ball IX festival. Riding with and through heavy traffic may be a concern for some people, but there are hardcore bikers out there, or cyclists if you will, that may be interested in making the ride with a group.

Disc Golf Tournament at Super Ball IXCharles wants to organize with other fans and has ideas about safe routes, group rides to support local businesses, and possibly having a disc golf tournament at the festival as a charity event.

The Phish disc golf tournament entitled “Super Disc IX” may attract a lot of players and catch on enough to continue at other Phish festivals in the future. He feels, “it’s important to make a positive impact when we throw down in someone else’s town.”

If you’re interested in a group bike ride to Super Ball IX or participating in a disc golf tournament at the festival, post in the “Gather All Your Razors” forum on our message board to connect with other fans.

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April 8th, 2011   |  12:04 pm EST

Glen Close Camping Layaway Option Available Again

As we reported on Tuesday, the layaway plan for Glen Close Camping was no longer available after 24 hours of tickets sales. But that plan is now available once again.

When purchasing your Glen Close Camping tickets, you have the option of paying only $185 up front(plus $8.60 in fees) as opposed to the full $370(plus $16.70 in fees). The final payment of $185 plus fees will be be charged on June 2, 2011.

Glenn Close is HappyPurchasing a ticket to this camping section gives you admission to the festival and allows you to camp in an area inside the race track, close to the concert site, and includes shower and bathroom facilities near by. You’ll enter the camping area through a separate entrance than General Admission Camping.

Buy Glen Close Camping tickets now.

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April 7th, 2011   |  8:20 am EST

SuperBallIX has tweeted about some festival updates recently.

Family Camping at Super Ball IXIt’s been confirmed that there will be a “family” or quiet camping area located in General Admission Camping for those who don’t want to party 24/7 at Super Ball IX. As some fans get older they need more sleep and a little peace and quiet at 3am, now they’ll have their own space. The family camping ground will also be good for those bringing small children to the festival.


Runaway Jim 5k Road RaceThere’s a chance The Runaway Jim 5k Road Race could be held at Super Ball IX. A tweet from SuperBallIX commented on a question asking about the second running of the race, “it’s under serious consideration right now.

The first Runaway Jim 5k was held at the It Phish Festival at Loring Air Force Base in 2003. 2,500 fans competed in the race and the winners got to join Phish on stage to receive their “Limestone Cup” awards. Justin Easter from Presque Isle, Maine finished the race in 15:01 for the men’s category and Ann Clemens from Albuquerque, New Mexico won the woman’s category, coming in at 18:51.

No Bikes at Super Ball IX

     Photo by BigCarl in Charlotte

No bikes, or anything that will move you faster than walking speed, will be allowed at Super Ball IX. A tweet from the official festival tweeter said, “For safety reasons, any form of transportation that would carry you faster than walking pace will not be allowed (including bikes).

Safety is always a primary consideration for festival organizers, but there haven’t been any high profile incidences involving bike accidents at previous Phish festivals. Maybe they’re concerned people will ride their bikes on the race track, pretending they’re Richard Petty and hurt themselves.


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April 6th, 2011   |  11:26 am EST

RV Passes for Glen Close Camping are Sold Out

If you have snoozed, then you have losed. Or if you have snozt, then you have lost. At any rate, if you haven’t bought an RV pass for the Glen Close Camping area, then you’re out of luck. RV passes for Glen Close Camping have sold out.

A lot of people are seemingly interested in this particular camping area as the layaway plan for Glen Close Camping is no longer available. This coveted camping section will be closer to the venue site than the General Camping area and will have bathroom and shower facilities available.

If you’d rather not brave the port-o-potties in General Camping, and don’t want to walk a long distance to the concert site, then you should purchase your Glen Close Camping tickets as soon as possible before they sell out.

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April 5th, 2011   |  4:54 pm EST

A layout map of the festival grounds for Super Ball IX has made its way through the Internet for every phish fan to “ooh” and “ahh” over. But is it real? Click the image below for a larger view.

Is This An Accurate Layout Map for Super Ball IX?

Until we have more to go on, this seems like it could be at least almost worthy of putting in the possibly maybe legitimate column.

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April 5th, 2011   |  4:07 pm EST

You can now start posting on our message board with any Super Ball IX related topics. Use the board to discuss anything related to Phish’s latest festival, coordinate meetups with friends, make plans to give somebody a ride, look for a ride yourself, or trade tickets.

The festival is about 3 months away and there is a lot to planning and speculation to discuss. What art installations will Phish have this year? Will the ferris wheel be back? How many port-o-potties will there be??

Start posting here.

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