Super Ball IX Festival News

June 10th, 2011   |  4:18 pm EST

Phish Super Ball IX Ticketsimage via

Here’s a quick note to keep you up to date with the latest Super Ball IX news:

Some fans have already started to receive their Super Ball IX tickets by mail over the past 24 hours. Delivery notices have been emailed letting people know to be on the look out for their golden tickets. That means you, Charlie Bucket!

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June 10th, 2011   |  1:46 pm EST

Phish iPhone Apps
“I saw you, with an Apple developed smartphone in your hand!”

In today’s technologically advanced society, even the dirtiest wook can enjoy listening to a show’s performance only an hour or two after the band walks off the stage, pass the time with some fun Phish games and trivia, or check out setlist and song stats from past tours all the way up to and including a live performance. We’ve compiled a list of the best, and just about all of the Phish apps available for your iPhone, compatible with iPad and iTouch.

Live Phish ($.99 during summer tour)
Live Phish AppThis is the official Phish app and only costs 99 cents to purchase during Phish’s summer tour. If you’re a fan of the band, there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t have this app. As the lot saying goes, “What the fuck? It’s only a buck!” Download it today.

Have you purchased anything from in the past? If so, you’ll be able to stream those shows on your mobile device at any time. The “Featured Show” on the app is usually the last performance and streams for free! There’s also free streams of shows from the archives and random songs played from Phish Live Radio. You’re able to scan through every show to find setlists, read and post reviews of each show, browse photo galleries, and read show notes.

iDIDN’TKNOW Phish Games ($1.99)
iDIDN'TKNOW Phish Games AppAnother great Phish app to have is iDIDN’TKNOW Phish Games by Tourbuddy Systems. This app exists for one purpose: to give YOU something “productive” to do with the endless amounts of phish knowledge stashed away in the depths of your brain. Test yourself at home or during set breaks.

With 6 different games included, the game serves up literally 1000+ different trivia questions, factoids, phish Mad-Libs and even phish-themed anagrams. It’s a guaranteed good time for any phanner. If that ain’t enough to convince you, a portion of all sales benefits the Mockingbird Foundation!

iTour.phish (Free)
iTour.phish AppIf you’re going to one show, a few shows, or the whole tour, then you’ll need this app. iTour.phish makes planning your trip easy and convenient. The app is integrated with various other resources and can help you find hotels, gas, airport, parking, liquor, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and camping located near each venue on the tour. Connect with Twitter, see setlists from previous shows thanks to, find tickets through, check out seating charts, or watch videos by way of YouTube. This is another must have app! You say you feel no curiosity? It’s free, consider it a heady kickdown.

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June 8th, 2011   |  12:30 pm EST

The House of Live Phish Tent

Making its fourth appearance at another Phish festival, The House of Live Phish will return at Super Ball IX. The “house” is really an air conditioned tent set up to satiate the needs of fans who need all the music they can get. As with previous years, the tent will be stacked with Macs, the computer, not the burger. Users can fill up their USB drives and iPods with audio and video goodies from Phish’s concerts in June from this year’s summer tour. Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro has also hand picked some tunes from Phish’s past and they will be available for you to download as well. Fans will also enjoy the ability to download every set played at Super Ball IX after each day’s performance. Half of the Macs set up will be download-only machines.

Download Live Phish!Other Macs in The House of Live Phish will cater to the inner DJ in all of us. Pro Tools re-mix stations will let fans play around with the mix settings from recordings. Final mixes will be uploaded to a blog at, but we’re not sure if organizers will choose a handful of mixes they like, or every mix that gets created. Turn Mike all the way up if you want, nobody will give a hoot!

As if that wasn’t enough, the Live Phish Video Lounge will be playing a bunch of Phish video clips on a large HDTV. You’ll be able to see clips from recent DVD releases, summer tour 2011, and archival footage.

Over 50 beers will be available at Super Ball IX including Sierra Nevada's FOAMHooray Beer! A rather large selection of worldwide beers will get its own tent at Super Ball IX. The Beers of the World tent will feature over 50 beer selections from across the globe. Many Phish fans are beer connoisseurs and will no doubt find at least a few brews pleasing to their palates. As we reported last month, Sierra Nevada’s FOAM will make a return to this year’s Phish festival. Originally developed for Phish’s Festival 8 in Indio, CA in 2009, FOAM is a specially brewed German-style pilsner with a light body and lots of flavor.

An interesting note should be mentioned about FOAM. It went on to win the Gold Medal at the 2010 World Beer Championship as the world’s best Pilsner after debuting at Festival 8!

We want you to be hoppy!

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June 8th, 2011   |  12:52 am EST

Phish Wiffle Ball Tournament at Super Ball IX

Play Wiffle Ball! The first ever Ninth Annual Super Wiffle Ball Tournament will be held at Super Ball IX and take place on the Ball Field at Watkins Glen International.

Official wiffle ball rules will be adhered to throughout the tournament. There will be no bases and no umpires. Pitching balls at a target will determine balls and strikes. Players will hit balls onto the field where designated lines will mark where singles, doubles, triples and home runs are to be recorded.

The tournament will be held on all three festival days, Friday through Sunday and starts early before Phish’s sets begin. There is no cost to enter and teams may be comprised of one to five players. Check out the rules here.

You can sign up for the tournament now by sending the following information to

  • Team name
  • Team Captain Name, email, cell phone #
  • Names of up to four additional players

The first game begins around 7pm on Friday and all teams will need to be present before starting time. All players on the winning team will win one pair of tickets to an upcoming Phish concert as well as a commemorative Super Ball IX festival gift pack (t-shirt, limited JEMP vinyl releases, etc).

Don’t feel like dealing with the pressure and intensity of such a cut-throat tournament? No problem, you can still play your own impromptu wiffle ball games on the ball field. Wiffle ball doesn’t tickle your fancy? No sweat, play with one of the bocce ball sets that will be provided.


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June 8th, 2011   |  12:06 am EST

The Runaway Jim Memorial 5k Road Race at Super Ball IX
Runaway Jim 5k at IT. Photo by C. Taylor Crothers © Phish

Officially entitled The 101st Running of the First Annual Runaway Jim Memorial 5k Road Race, the popular fan attraction at 2 previous Phish festivals makes a return at Watkins Glen this summer. Festival organizers had stated recently that they were trying to put together another 5k road race. We’re happy to see this fan favorite make a return.

The race begins promptly at 11:15am on Saturday, July 2. The course runs 5.5 kilometers, or 3.4 miles, on pavement. Fans who register for the race will receive standard numbered bibs. Even though it’s suggested you officially register if you will be taking part in the race, it is not mandatory. Those who don’t register can still run but will have to start behind the group of registered runners.

The fastest male, female, and the 2nd and 3rd place finisher over all will receive trophies.

If you want to pre-register, you’ll have to do so before June 30. Spots are limited, so if you’re serious, you should sign up sooner than later. Send your name, email address, and cell number to

If you’d rather signup at the festival, find the ReCharge Lounge in the back of the concert field and register there on Friday from Noon-8pm. You can also register at the Pit Stop across from the yellow and red grandstands Saturday morning starting at 9:00am. The Pit Stop is where the starting and finishing lines are located.

You can check out the official notice here.

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June 7th, 2011   |  11:39 pm EST

Phish Festival

Phish has announced their performance schedule on Fans have been wondering how many sets might be played ever since the festival was announced back in March. Now we know.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Friday 7/1 – 7:30PM Set 1, 10:00PM Set 2
  • Saturday 7/2 – 3:00PM Set 1, TBA Set 2, TBA Set 3
  • Sunday 7/3 – 7:30PM Set 1, 10:00PM Set 2

The start times for sets 2 and three on Saturday are yet to be determined.

So, you were thinking there might be 9 sets huh? Super Ball 9, 9 sets, makes sense, right? For the moment it looks like there’s only 7 sets of music. But knowing Phish, they may play at least one extra set somewhere like they have at some past festivals. “Flatbed” and “Tower” jams were “stealth” sets at The Clifford Ball and IT.

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