Super Ball IX Festival News

July 1st, 2011   |  8:55 am EST

Phish in the paper.

Watkins Glen International saw a huge influx of Phish fans yesterday as people continue to get ready for 3 days of music with Phish this weekend at Super Ball IX. By 8am The Bunny radio station was up and running and playing great music from all genres.

We started our SBIX Pictures and SBIX Video pages which will be updated often throughout the festival. This is a great way to see what’s going on, almost as it happens.

Phish took too the stage briefly on Thursday afternoon for a soundcheck. It lasted for a little over an hour and included: Jam > Undermind, Sleep Again, My Soul, Ginseng Sullivan, Jam. Read more about it at Hidden Track.

You can get the MP3 of the soundcheck at

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