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June 22nd, 2011   |  10:05 am EST

Super Ball IX Layout Map - Phish Festival Map
Cleaned up festival map thanks to Jonny Schaefer. Click for a full view and a bigger map.

Editor’s note: Click here for the official SBIX map!

Not to be confused with the official Super Ball IX festival map, it seems some clever sleuthing by some fans has turned up what appears could be a legitimate layout map of the festival grounds.

A rudimentary SBIX map(below) was found on, the website of the company responsible for managing at least some of the beverage vending at the festival. The map is used on their site to show vendors where they can arrive, park and camp at Super Ball IX while they work for the weekend.

Super Ball IX Vendor Map

PT’er and HoodStream moderator Jonny Schaefer took a closer look at the map and found each section of the festival site by reading small print while zooming into the image. The map at the top of this article shows his labels for different areas laid over a Google map satellite image of Watkins Glen International. It should be known that the sections for RV and Family camping are not so evident on the map, but other areas should be legit.

This new map differs slightly from other versions of layout maps that circulated soon after Super Ball IX was announced in March.

Sure, you might want to use a big grain of salt when using this map to make any plans, if there are any plans that even could be made at this time. But all things reconsidered, it looks like the map could be mostly correct. We’ll all know in a week anyways.

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2 Responses to “The Official Unofficial Super Ball IX Festival Map”

  1. jd says:

    I dunno about this. The SBIX vendor application contradicts this completely. The application indicated most general camping would be to the west of the race track (where this map has the RVs and family camping) with about 1/3 of campers on the east side where this map seems to have most of the campers.

  2. Carmine Torella says:

    Can people walk into the glen close area without a glen close pass?

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