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June 28th, 2011   |  8:18 am EST

Official Super Ball IX Phish Festival Layout Map
Click for larger view.

With just a few days before Super Ball IX is set to begin, festival organizers have released the official layout map. Previous attempts to figure out the details of the map have been shown to be somewhat correct, but somewhat off base as well.

The SBIX map shows different sections within the general Camping areas labeled as states in which Phish has never played. Accessible and Family Camping are located adjacent to the concert grounds. There’s also a larger view of the concert grounds area which includes the Ball Field, Farmer’s Market, Mist Tent, Crafts, Ben & Jerry’s, JEMP Records, House of Live Phish Tent, Re Charge, Beers of the World, Pinball Lounge, General Store, Ball Square, Concert Field, and various other locations of interest like ATMs and food.

There is a good amount of information on the map for fans to learn more about the wristband policy, details for different tents, stores, parking, and accessible areas, as well as medical treatment.

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  1. BreakThru Radio says:

    […] Well coordinated, mostly car-side camping areas were named after states Phish has never played in (North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Hawaii, and a phan-designated area called Puerto Rico) and overflow parking lots surrounded the racetrack, […]

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