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April 12th, 2011   |  8:44 pm EST

The Great Tent Rent at Super Ball IX Phish FestivalThe Super Ball IX page on Facebook has been updated with details for “The Great Tent Rent”. This year Phish is renting out some rather swanky tents to use for camping at the festival. The $500 rental cost may turn away a lot of fans from this luxurious set up. But if that doesn’t do it, the additional $200 refundable deposit just may. Of course, the deposit will be returned to you at the end of the festival should you manage not to damage your tent or the extras included with beer/vomit stains, burn marks, tears, rips, or other inevitable Phish festival accidents.

What extras come along with the pricey festival living quarters? In addition to the large tent, you’ll also get 2 cots, and bedding that includes sheets, pillows and blankets. There will be staff on site to help you with any questions regarding your tent rental. Additional cots will cost $30 each.

From the pictures, it looks like you could fit two more cots in the tent and sleep four people comfortably. The tent measures 10 feet by 13 feet. The Super Ball IX Facebook page does not mention anything about the wooden chairs or tables pictured. But for dropping $700, they should throw those in along with a coffee maker and wake up service.

Your tent will be set up already once you arrive to your designated camping area.

Everybody who will be staying in their “Great Tent” at the festival will need to have a ticket, or bracelet, for the camping section where the tent will be located – either Glen Close Camping or General Admission Camping. Only one car will be allowed to park by the tent.

Tent rentals are limited and will probably sell out before the festival date arrives. So if you’re interested, reserve your rental today. There is a layaway option available with $350 being charged when you purchase your tent rental and the remaining $350 charged on June 2, 2011.


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