Super Ball IX Festival News

June 13th, 2011   |  10:56 am EST

Super Ball IX Hat - Phish

Do you like putting things on your head? Super. Be on the lookout at Super Ball IX for this one of a kind hat that would make an excellent souvenir of your experience at the Phish festival. Seth Matkowsky designed the hat which features an antelope patch on the front emblazoned with a US flag motif and “Watkins Glen” stitchwork on the back.

The Antelope hat is made from 100% cotton and cost $15 each. Seth will be roaming the lots starting at the Alpharetta shows tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “Get Your Patriotic Watkins Glen Antelope Hat at SBIX”

  1. Apex says:

    Thanks ! I do love this hat

  2. Scott says:

    This was the only thing i wanted to get at super ball, spent 3 days looking and the only person i found wearing one said the guy she bought it off of only brought 20 down, i just want my hat

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