Super Ball IX Festival News

June 15th, 2011   |  2:51 pm EST

Phish SuperBall IX TicketsThere’s been a recent announcement made on the Super Ball IX Facebook page about ticket sales. If you’re going to the Phish festival in 2 weeks and want to receive hard tickets in your hand, you’ll have to buy them before June 24th at 12 noon. After that time, only “print at home” tickets will be issued through the official SBIX website.

So if you’d like to keep you ticket as a souvenir, then you better act within the next week before you’re obligated to print your own tickets at home and show up with a wrinkled piece of paper, looking very uncool.

If you plan on buying tickets at the gate then you will only receive a festival wristband. If you arrive with hard tickets in hand, your tickets will be scanned and handed back to you along with the obligatory wristband. Buy your tickets today!

In other festival news, you may surprised to know that the entertainment permits for Super Ball IX were only signed by Schuyler County legislators this past Monday. Nobody thought the festival was in jeopardy like some other recent get together(coughYasgur’scough) as local towns are sure to get a big economic boost from the weekend’s festivities.

Schuyler County Administrator Timothy O’Hearn said:

“We’re looking forward to the event. It’s going to be a nice addition for our tourism sector.”

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